1. EPS Vacuum Shape Molding Machine
    2. 1.The series molders are controlled by programmable controller with touch screen.
      2. High pressure feed unit to inject the raw material by 25-36 auto guns at once
      3. With vacuum system to shorten cool time and reduce water content in product
      4. Two pneumatic cylinders at the top to avoid bumping ...
    1. 3D Wire Mesh Machine
    2. 1. Adopts PLC touching screen control system.
      2. The power is pneumatic and step motor.
      3. It can insert and cut wire, flat mesh, foam board automatically...
    1. EPS Batch Pre-expander
    2. 1. PLC with touch button fluorescence screen, auto temperature control
      2. The auto feed and auto weight rise production efficiency, ensure correct feeding.
      3. High heat efficiency to save steam over 50% in continuous foaming
      4. Proportional valve and advance guide valve to control foam barrel temperature...
    1. EPS Block Cutting Machine
    2. 1. Its very rigid body frame is welded by shaped steel tube, no deform.
      2. Built-in converter for wide scope speeds ensures the stable motion& fit feed back
      3. Special 10KVA malt lead transformer is multi-lead for poly step voltage adjustment,
      4. High production efficiency and long use life. . ...
    1. M JS Sandwich Panel Machine
    2. 1. With pneumatic electricity and engine
      2. MJS sandwich panel machine is specialized in manufacturing colored steel heat insulation sandwich panel.
      3. Also can produce tile panel. The core material can be EPS, PU, GLASS WOOL etc. ....